Sukkah Walls – Decorative

Sukkah Walls – Decorative

Sukkah & Lulav Esrog Store

Fabulous Sukkah Printed walls in 100% durable cotton. These fabric panels can be used as walls for the sukkah or decorative fabric panels that you hang on the existing walls of the sukkah. As walls, they are specially made to place in any pole structure at top and bottom by simply sliding holed material into the poles. Additional bowties exist at corners for sercuring as a wall or decoration anywhere. (Polls sold seperately at any hardware store). Easily create your sukkah with these Cotton walls and use them year after year. Width is adjustable so that it can be used in it’s entirety or easily scrunched or folded for thinner walls with larger openings. Allow 2 week for regular shipping, and 3-4 days Express.

The cleanest most practical and beautiful sukkah on the market !

(Your Sukkah walls will ship shortly after Rosh Hashannah.)

Order by adding to your cart each wall choice one at a time for a total of 4 walls.

  • Standard = 1.5 Meter (59 inches)
  • Large = 2 Meter Wide (79 inches)
  • X-Large = 3 Meter Wide (118 inches)
  • Height is Standard 7 feet. Note : if 4 Walls are ordered, you automatically get 1 with door, 1 with window.
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